Dental Sedation with Dr. Karl Smith in Alexandria, VA & Waldorf, MD

It can be daunting to see a dental specialist for extensive treatments. At our practice, we provide dental sedation to help patients experience comfortable and worry-free procedures. Karl Smith, DDS, MS, is our experienced periodontist who puts the needs of patients first and does all he can to alleviate anxiety. Dr. Smith and his team are trained to deliver sedation safely and effectively for any treatment.

If you’re in Alexandria or Waldorf, we offer professional periodontal services combined with dental sedation to maximize every patient’s experience. Please contact us to refer your patients, or ask your general dentist for a referral to us.

Who Benefits from Sedation?

When patients visit us for periodontal care and other services, we understand that many experience anxiety about receiving treatment. Dental sedation places patients in a “twilight state”, where senses are dulled to discomfort and patients feel euphoria. Even though patients may experience drowsiness they remain conscious and responsive to instruction. We ensure the effects last the duration of your procedure, helping even long treatments pass more quickly. Dr. Karl Smith is compassionate to all patient’s concerns, especially in cases where their teeth or gums are sensitive. It is our goal to restore full oral health with worry-free care, which we accomplish with dental sedation and personal attention. 

Dental Sedation Options 

Dr. Smith offers three forms of sedation, each with unique benefits that enhance patient’s experience during their periodontal care. Not all patients are able to receive sedation, but we do our best to accommodate their comfort needs.

Oral: Taken via pill before the appointment, oral sedation offers deeper sensations of euphoria. It helps patients feel as though they are asleep, yet they remain conscious. Many enjoy this method because memories of the visit are limited, reducing anxiety for future treatments. For this method, patients will need transportation to and from our practice. 

Nitrous Oxide: Safe for most patients, sedation is administered via face mask. The effects last as long as required and are reversed during the visit with 100 percent oxygen. Patients who receive nitrous oxide can resume their daily activities, and only need to rest if the treatment received requires it. 

IV: When extensive treatments are necessary, this sedative provides conscious yet deep relaxation. Dr. Smith carefully supplies this sedation intravenously, and we recommend patients have a trusted family member or friend to bring them to and from our practice.

Safely-Administered Dental Sedation 

To avoid any health complications with dental sedation, we perform a thorough history exam and coordinate with your medical provider if necessary. Dr. Smith was trained by the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS) to provide sedation, improving his care with additional experience. Our periodontist is a member of the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology, granting our team access to the latest in sedation safety measures and techniques. Everyone on our staff is CPR trained and our practice is equipped with high-tech machines to monitor your vitals. Under our care and attention, patients experience comfortable treatments and powerful results. 

Contact Dr. Karl Smith for Periodontal Care 

Sedation allows patients to easily undergo periodontal care or dental implant treatment. Dr. Karl Smith is a licensed specialist who wants to help every patient be as comfortable as possible. To see if sedation can benefit your next treatment with Dr. Smith, call us today!