Dental Implants with Dr. Karl A. Smith in Alexandria, VA or Waldorf, MD

Our periodontal practice offers specialized assistance for anyone who needs dental implants to replace missing teeth. Dr. Karl A. Smith is extensively trained in implant placement and is part of the International Team for Implantology (ITI). We combine Dr. Smith’s experience with cutting edge technology, granting patients their best opportunity for successful teeth replacement in Alexandria.  If you are looking to replace missing teeth, our periodontal practice can help you.

Contact us for a consultation, or have your dentist refer you. If you are a general dentist, feel free to refer your patients for placement. 

Restoring Normal Dental Function

Teeth loss affects the smile in many ways, altering daily use and overall oral health. Eating and speaking can be made difficult, even from just one missing tooth. Dental implants offer an opportunity to replace teeth completely, from the jaw bone to tooth itself. Implant posts are attached to the bone and fuse to it over time, creating a firm foundation to which restorations are attached. In most cases, the number or location of missing teeth does not matter. Dr. Smith can adapt dental implant treatment for most individuals, providing the following restoration options:

Crowns for single missing teeth
Bridges for two or more teeth in a row
Dentures for whole arches, both upper and lower

Providing for Every Stage of Implant Treatment in Alexandria

Our implant treatment process is designed to address the unique dental issues each individual faces. We begin with a thorough examination, which includes the use of our CBCT scanner. This device accurately shows us the details of your smile structure, including bone density. Dr. Smith then creates a custom placement plan to optimally place your implants. 

The next step is to complete any preparatory procedures before implant posts can be introduced. Dr. Smith expertly extracts teeth and supports a rapid recovery with PRP, platelet rich plasma, establishing a healthy foundation for implant posts. Additionally, we will restore weakened jaw structure by performing bone grafting, a procedure that creates an even and stable jaw for implant success. When your smile is ready, we place the implants and offer continued support as the bone heals, getting you closer to your final restoration. As a specialty, we can perform same-day denture treatment and attach dentures as soon as your placement procedure is complete. 

Restorations from Dr. Karl Smith

We offer patients customized dental restorations that are made to last. Fashioned from porcelain and using impressions of your smile, we ensure you receive a dental restoration that suits your individual smile needs. Whether crowns or dentures, they are designed to look as natural as possible. Their look is only matched by their function, restoring a natural bite that grants more normal eating habits and the ability to speak clearly. If you already have dentures, we are able to retrofit them for attachment to implants.  

Achieve a Full Smile Again with Dental Implants

With implants, you can address gaps in your smile or enhance the functionality of your dentures. As a permanent option to restore your smile, dental implants offer a long-term solution to your dental needs. Contact our practice today which serves Alexandria and nearby areas, including Falls Church and Annandale!